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Rahat Kazmi, an ardent abstract artist, revels in the exploration of a diverse array and fusion of colors within her paintings. Hailing from Indore, Rahat’s artistic journey commenced in her formative years. Within the fabric of nearly all her artworks, one can discern a profound intermingling of various hues that coalesce to give birth to each masterpiece.

Rahat is deeply enamored with the fluidity found in the realm of art, drawing inspiration from the celestial expanse of the universe, the interplay of elements such as earth, sun, and life itself. Her creative process is fueled by the concept of Eternal Energy, as evidenced by the infusion of cosmic cues that imbue her color flows with positive resonance derived from the universe.

Over time, her artistic endeavors have graced the halls of esteemed art galleries including Picasso Art Gallery in Dubai, Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, Cymroza Art Gallery in Mumbai, the Art Gallery of Hotel Taj Palace in Mumbai, exhibitions at Jahanuma Palace in Bhopal, World Trade Centre in Mumbai, a private show at Lodha Towers organized by the Lodha Group in Mumbai, Pritam Lal Dua Sabhagrah Art Gallery in Indore, and the ICA Art Gallery in Jaipur. She has also carved an online niche for herself on renowned art platforms such as storyltd.com, saatchiart.com, fizdi.com etc.

Rahat’s presence has been strongly felt at prestigious art events, including the World Art Exhibition in Dubai and the India Art Festival in Mumbai, where her creations garnered attention. Her online engagements have spanned the Indo Taiwan International Contemporary Art Exhibition, along with a remarkable involvement in a monumental endeavor – securing a Guinness World Record for the most paintings posted on Facebook within an hour. With an impressive portfolio of more than 50 group exhibitions, her art has transcended borders and been acquired by collectors across the USA, Europe, and Canada. Collaborating closely with architects and interior designers, Rahat provides astute recommendations and choices for their projects.

In her own words, Rahat fervently believes that “ART IS FREEDOM.” This belief propels her to perpetually refine her craft, capturing not just visual meanings but an enduring sense of bliss closely associated with her affinity for abstract art. This philosophy steers her away from confining herself to a singular artistic style. Beyond her deeply textured pieces, Rahat’s repertoire includes fluid compositions, layered artworks, and even interpretations of dancing ballerinas in the abstract form.


Rahat possesses remarkable artistic prowess, adeptly weaving her creativity through a diverse range of techniques such as liquid fusion artwork, abstract artwork, and layered artwork. Each technique serves as a distinct channel for her to translate her unique inspirations onto the canvas, resulting in captivating and thought-provoking compositions.

In her pursuit of liquid fusion artwork, Rahat employs the intrinsic qualities of liquid mediums to orchestrate a symphony of color and motion. This technique involves allowing various liquid pigments to organically interact and merge on the canvas, guided by their own tendencies and the artist’s deft touch. The resultant pieces exude a sense of fluidity and dynamic movement, with colors intertwining and converging to create an almost mesmerizing dance of pigments. Rahat’s skill in this technique lies in her ability to coax harmony from the inherent chaos of liquid forms, resulting in artworks that capture the unpredictable beauty of momentary interactions.

The realm of abstract artwork serves as another avenue for Rahat’s creative expression. Here, she ventures beyond the confines of literal representation, using shapes, lines, colors, and textures to convey the intangible. This technique allows her to channel her inspirations from Universal Laws, eternal energy, and the laws of attraction into visual forms. Rahat’s abstract creations invite viewers to embark on their own interpretative journeys, encouraging them to find personal resonance within the evocative shapes and compositions. Her mastery lies in harnessing the power of abstraction to communicate emotions, concepts, and energies that transcend the boundaries of the tangible world.

Layered artwork stands as a testament to Rahat’s ability to construct multi-dimensional narratives on the canvas. Through this technique, she strategically builds layers of materials, colors, and meanings, forming intricate tapestries that unravel in stages. Rahat’s layered compositions become a visual journey, inviting viewers to peel back the layers and uncover the stories and inspirations that lie beneath the surface. By drawing from clues rooted in Universal Laws and eternal energy, she imparts a depth of meaning to each layer, creating a symphony of elements that resonates with observers on both intellectual and emotional levels.

Incorporating clues from Universal Laws, eternal energy, and laws of attraction, Rahat’s artistic techniques transcend the realm of technique alone. They serve as conduits for her to channel these cosmic inspirations into tangible creations that not only delight the senses but also invite contemplation and introspection. Her art becomes a bridge between the metaphysical and the visual, inviting viewers to engage with the subtle energies and profound concepts that underpin her captivating works.